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Non-Destructive Testing

A.I. Inspections provides expert non-destructive testing (NDT) services to various industries in the mining, gas, and oil sectors. With an ethos of fostering First Nations advancement, we stand firm in our commitment to delivering first-rate NDT services to clients in New South Wales and Queensland.

What is NDT

Non-destructive testing is the process of analysing material, component, and structural properties without causing damage to the subject. It employs a series of testing methods to collect data and insights relating to the asset’s infrastructure and integrity.

The goal of NDT is to identify and understand material characteristics and defects to prevent future failure or malfunction.

Why is It Important?

Non-destructive testing ensures the correct and optimal operation of equipment and systems. Among its many benefits are:
Early Fault and Risk Detection

NDT helps guarantee the safety and reliability of critical structures, components, and equipment. Identifying faults and damage early on mitigates risks to prevent disastrous failures later down the line.

Quality Assurance
Non-destructive testing aids in quality control, assuring compliance with government regulations and industry standards. These standards set the benchmarks for integrity, ethics, and safety and protect stakeholders from legal, financial, and physical harm.
Cost Efficient
Identifying defects and risks before they escalate can prevent catastrophic future repairs and replacements. In addition, NDT ensures savings by decreasing production downtime, lost output, and unnecessary safety expenses.
Reduced Environmental Impact
NDT is a non-invasive testing procedure, making it a more sustainable integrity and inspection approach. Additionally, the process produces minimal waste as it does not require the destruction of test samples.

NDT For the Mining, Oil, and Gas Industries

NDT is crucial for safe, reliable, and compliant business operations. The process is multifaceted, with tests analysing various materials and systems to streamline processes and mitigate risks. At A.I. Inspection, we offer our NDT services to the mining, gas, and oil industries.

Testing Equipment, Components, and Systems

When it comes to mining, oil, and gas, reliability is non-negotiable. NDT, however, identifies deficiencies in equipment and systems before they become critical problems. Our technicians look for cracks, corrosion, and pressure force, locating any welding or structural issues along the way. Components we inspect may include:
  • Heavy machinery, such as frames, booms, buckets, and gears
  • Pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tanks
  • Conveyors, crushers, drilling rigs
  • Weld joints and connections
  • Geological samples
  • Casings and well tubings
  • Production equipment
  • Turbines and compressors
  • Safety systems and emergency equipment

Non-Destructive Testing Foundations at A.I. Inspection

With decades of industry experience, we’re proud to deliver a comprehensive suite of NDT solutions to Australian companies that strive for First Nations advancement. Providing a series of standard and advanced non-destructive testing methods, we use our expertise and latest technologies to ensure safe and reliable workplace operations. Our services include:

Standard Non-Destructive Testing

We perform a range of standard NDT services to evaluate material, component, and system properties, such as:
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Dye penetrant inspection
  • Ultrasonic (laser testing) NDT
  • Radiography NDT
  • Profile radiography (digital)
  • Eddy current NDT
  • Coating porosity — holiday testing
  • Portable hardness testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Borescope inspection
  • Vessel inspection
  • Mechanical testing (bend test & macro)
  • Lifting equipment inspection

Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

Our team is well-versed in NDT and offers a range of advanced testing methods, including:

  • Pulse Eddy Current Technology (PECT)
  • Eddy Current Array Technology (ECA)
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic corrosion mapping systems
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic weld inspection systems
  • Time of Flight Diffraction NDT weld testing and inspection
  • Arial drone inspection
  • ROV inspection (fire water tanks/underwater equipment)

If you’d like to learn more about our non-destructive testing foundations, please read A.I. Inspection’s Capability Statement.

Why A.I. Inspection?

First Nations Focused

We’re committed to the advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, offering our services to customers who share the same values and dedication to empowering First Nations communities.

Internationally Accredited Business

As a testing and inspection company in Australia, we understand the importance of safe and compliant business practices. As such, A.I. Inspection has earned its NATA Accreditation ISO 17025, ensuring competence and compliance with national and international standards.

Unrivalled Experienced

With more than a combined 90 years of asset integrity and NDT director experience, we use our expertise to deliver unmatched inspection and testing services to customers in Queensland and New South Wales.